Nanshan – Plants Establish and Mature

2013-06-06 Nanshan Fountain - Roses 036 (3)

The GardenArt crew has been hard at work implementing the next phase of the landscape design created exclusively for Nanshan America AAT, Lafayette, Indiana. This project is unique in many ways for GardenArt. First, the scope, size and time table sets it apart from most other projects. Nanshan America like most successful international companies demands from its partners – quality, attention to detail, and integrity – and they not only trust GardenArt with this highly visible project but also requested continued maintenance.

2013-06-06 Nanshan Fountain - Roses 011 (3)

Like all new landscaping installations, it takes 12 to 18 months to see the plants establish and mature. On a recent visit to the Nanshan property, the native plants, grasses, and flowers look brilliant – just like GardenArt had planned. Check out these impressive photos of the rose garden at one of the entrances, the plants at the entrance and plant sign, and the landscape around the pond.

2013-06-06 Nanshan Fountain - Roses 024 (3)

Next, GardenArt will be installing the water feature in the Nanshan pond. Photos of the installation will be coming soon. {Sneak Peek in picture below.}

2013-06-06 Nanshan Fountain - Roses 039 (3)

To view a complete list of the plants, flowers and grasses installed by GardenArt at Nanshan, click HERE.

To see more pictures of the Nanshan landscape by GardenArt, click HERE.

To read more about the GardenArt installation at Nanshan, click HERE.

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