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Plant of the Week — Siberian Iris

GardenArt’s Plant of the Week:

Iris Siberica Cultivars – Siberian Iris


The Siberian Iris is an excellent, low maintenance perennial for gardens in our area. Providing bloom on in May and June, the Siberian Iris also exhibits a medium green, upright foliage which remains attractive throughout the growing season.

The cultivar Caesar’s Brother (pictured in this post) has deep violet and blue flowers providing two to four weeks of bloom. Other cultivars such as Butter and Sugar introduce yellow and white into the Spring perennial garden.

The Siberian Iris can be left ‘up’ in the garden throughout the winter, providing visual interest with medium size seed pots and rich, bronze foliage.


The adaptability of the Siberian Iris is one of its assets. The Siberian Iris tolerates moderately wet soils; can be planted under Black Walnut due to the fact it tolerates juglone, a toxin produced by Black Walnut; and also exhibits good deer resistance.

With a height of 30 to 36 inches, Siberian Irises can be the backdrop if a shorter perennial border is in order or a mid-border plant in perennial plantings with a taller backdrop.

Siberian Irises will benefit from division every five to seven years for increased bloom vigor. If left ‘up’ in the winter garden, be sure to cut the plant back in late Winter to early Spring.

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