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GardenArt Tips for Autumn

GardenArt Offers Autumn Season Tips for Your Landscape, Garden and Lawn

2013-09-23 Linzey 006 (2)

As the temperatures gets cooler there are several things that may be done to prepare your landscape for the winter and spring. The experts at GardenArt wish to offer these tips and reminders for the Autumn season which has begun. As always, if you have any specific questions, email or call us (click HERE).

  • Plant hardy Mums in your landscape to add annual Fall color
  • Feed your plants – use a time release plant food with nitrogen, sulfate of potash, iron and other micro-nutrients made for perennials and flowering shrubs and trees
  • Feed Evergreens (Hollies, Boxwoods and Yews) and deciduous Trees (Maples, Oaks and Ash) with tree food with nitrogen, sulfate of potash, iron and other micro-nutrients
  • Transplant and divide Peonies and other perennials
  • Dig up and store summer bulbs (gladiolus, dahlias, cannas, and others) when they mature
  • Plant spring blooming bulbs like Iris, Tulips, Crocus, and Daffodils, Allium and Camassia
  • Plant trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, grass seed and sod. Temperatures are cooler and conditions are better for root growth. Use a starter plant fertilizer mix to assist in that process.
  • Some Fall plants that provide color in the cooler months are as follows: Beautyberry, Cotoneaster, Viburnums, Hypericum, Hydrangeas, Potentilla, Pyracantha and Butterfly Bush.
  • Mulch your flowers beds especially newly planted bulbs, perennials, and bushes.
  • Do not prune spring blooming trees and shrubs like Lilacs and Viburnums – the buds are set already to bloom next spring and if you prune now you will lose next spring’s flowers.
  • Monitor Fall rainfall. If actual rainfall is below normal rainfall for September, October and November, water evergreens well prior to the ground freezing. Evergreens transpire during the winter and are not dormant like deciduous plants. This especially important with broad-leaved evergreens such as Boxwood, Holly, Hemlock and Rhododendron.
  • Give some attention to your Lawn –
    • Best time to seed new lawns or reseed (over-seed) established lawns
    • Great time to Aerate and/or Thatch the lawn
    • Good time to add Lime and/or Fertilize, Top-dress with organic compost, and apply grub control
    • Remember to soak your lawn a couple of days before fertilizing – then top-dress, aerate/thatch, and then seed.
  • Gardens –can still seed beets, radishes, turnips and leaf lettuce; can still plant cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, collards and lettuce.
  • Bring your houseplants back indoors – spray them and dust the soil to prevent bringing in ants, wireworms and sow bugs. Repot pot bound plants; fertilize with slow release fertilizer through November and stop feeding them until February.

The easiest way to set up a meeting with the GardenArt team to discuss your vision for improving your outdoor living space is to fill out the simple GardenArt contact form, click HERE.

Do it today!

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Operation Releaf 2013

GardenArt – Operation Releaf 2013

2013-05-16 Tree Fund 007 (2)

In the spring, GardenArt was selected by the City of West Lafayette to coordinate the tree plantings for Operation Releaf 2013. The GardenArt team spent the first part of the summer ordering, delivering, and planting trees in various neighborhoods all around the City of West Lafayette.

WP_000066 (2)

Operation Releaf 2013 is an initiative in the City of West Lafayette that coordinates the planting of trees twice a year to replace trees that have been lost due to old age or damage either by accident or from vandalism. The tree plantings (one each spring and one each fall) are organized by the Greenspace Administrator for the City of West Lafayette with the invaluable assistance from the West Lafayette Tree Fund. The members of the West Lafayette Tree Fund act as liaisons with the homeowners assisting in picking the species of tree and scheduling the tree delivery.

2013-04-25 Operation Re-Leaf 019 (2)

With the adoption of the original West Lafayette Landscape Ordinance, the West Lafayette Tree Fund was founded and formed in 1981 by a small group of concerned citizen led by the late Helen Lillich. The Tree Fund is supported by private contributions, and its purpose is to plant trees and implement landscaping projects in the public right of way in the City of West Lafayette. In addition to the funds raised by the West Lafayette Tree Fund, the Operation Releaf 2013 budget is augmented by grants from the Department of Natural Resources, EnviroWatts, and Community Development Block Grant. Over 6700 street trees have been planted over the years – lining the public streets, cleaning the air, cooling the neighborhoods, shading the sidewalks, capturing storm water, and beautifying the City.

2013-04-30 Tree Fund 039 (2)

GardenArt is proud to be an integral part of such an important and worthwhile project especially since it benefits the community in which they reside. For Operation Releaf 2013, GardenArt planted a total of 87 trees.

GardenArt was also involved in the installation of Helen’s Way in November 2010. Helen’s Way is a cluster of hundreds trees along Kalberer Road in West Lafayette named in honor of the late Helen Lillich – West Lafayette’s self-proclaimed “Tree Lady.” Until her passing in 2010, Helen Lillich dedicated her life to beautifying the city through sheer hard work and determination as a guiding force behind the founding the Tree Fund and the adoption of the original West Lafayette Landscape Ordinance.

To support Operation Releaf, go to the West Lafayette Tree Fund website – click HERE.

To view more photos of GardenArt-Operation Releaf 2013, click HERE.

2013-05-16 Tree Fund 016 (2)

The easiest way to set up a meeting with the GardenArt team to discuss your vision for improving your outdoor living space is to fill out the simple GardenArt contact form, click HERE.

Do it today!

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GardenArt’s Adopt-A-Spot Work Day 2013 — New and Improved

GardenArt is the proud sponsor of an
Adopt-A-Spot in the City of Lafayette.

2013-05-11 Adopt A Spot 275 (2) Fuse

This past weekend the entire GardenArt team was eager to get started on their Adopt-A-Spot – even though it was early on a Saturday morning. Saturday morning’s installation though was only one step in the detailed process.

2013-05-09 GardenArt Shipment 058 (2)

The first step in the process is planning and design. This year, GardenArt landscape designers decided to completely redesign the “Spot” and focus on “native plants.” The next step was to draw up the designs and select the plants. Once the designs were complete, the materials were ordered and the date for installation was set. By Thursday the plants arrived, Adopt-A-Spot T-shirts were 2013-05-11 Adopt A Spot 018 (2)distributed, and everyone was ready to get started. Before the end of the day on Friday, the plants, tools and materials were gathered, the equipment was prepped, the water buffalo was filled, the mulch was measured and everything was loaded on the GardenArt trucks.

On Saturday morning, everyone met at GardenArt HQ, enjoyed a quick doughnut or two, secured the trucks and equipment, and headed to the GardenArt Adopt-A-Spot 2013-05-11 Adopt A Spot 062 (2)location in Lafayette. Once the team arrives at the “Spot” the magic began. Everyone was given their assignment and the team began to work. Even though it was a cold but sunny morning the crew moved swiftly and efficiently. Stage one of the installation included clearing the entire area. It is a relatively routine process except for removing a few shrub stumps and roots. The entire area was finally cleared, weeded, leveled and edged; then the mulching 2013-05-11 Adopt A Spot 072 (2)began. It took no time to empty an entire dump truck filled with steaming, high quality mulch. Soon the design team spray-painted lines in the mulch and the flats of native plants started to emerge. Two of the crew drilled holes while others placed plants in the holes and the rest of the crew secured the plants and filled the holes. Orderly rows of plants began to appear and the design was taking shape.

Before they knew it everything was planted and the installation entered the final 2013-05-11 Adopt A Spot 123 (2)stages — clean, water plants, sweep, water, touch up mulch, blow debris, pack up tools, water, load equipment, water, and clean up the entire area including sidewalks, curbs and the street. The GardenArt team is talented, professional, and motivated – and their work installing this Adopt-A-Spot project is a perfect example of their quality work. Each and every member of the GardenArt team worked very hard and remained focused, respectful and professional the entire morning.

2013-05-11 Adopt A Spot 263 (2)

When it was finally completed, no one really wanted to leave. The good feelings and fellowship overcame them. They didn’t expect to have a great time together but they weren’t surprised. Working hard and serving the community while using your talents is rewarding. Coming together for this common purpose had a profound impact on the team as a whole.

2013-05-11 Adopt A Spot 285 (2)

The benefits of the Adopt-A-Spot program are clear – to help beautify Lafayette through sponsorship and allowing local businesses like GardenArt to serve and give back to the community. The less obvious benefit is how much the team grows and develops during the process. Trust was formed, friendships were developed, and lifetime memories were created — that magical morning. The GardenArt team is now stronger than ever. This summer is going to tremendous – and each member of the team has one more project for which to be proud – the GardenArt Adopt-A-Spot.

Please slow down and enjoy it while it grows, blooms and matures. After all this “Spot” is our gift to you!

2013-05-11 Adopt A Spot 327 (2)

{To view more photos of “GardenArt’s Adopt-A-Spot Work Day” — click HERE or any image in this post}

{To view more photos of “delivery day” — click HERE or any image in this post}

Check back for more information on the NATIVE PLANTS used in this Adopt-A-Spot in Lafayette, Indiana.

Join GardenArt online and help us — Make Customers for Life.



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Celebrating 10 Years – Launching Facebook Page

GardenArt Celebrates 10 Years – Launches Facebook Page


In March 2013, GardenArt kicked off its 10th anniversary year with a special luncheon for their entire GardenArt team – and there was even cake! Excitement filled the celebration not only because of GardenArt’s 10th year milestone but also for the anticipation of the Spring season quickly approaching.

Founded by Sean Sullivan and Dan Vawter on March 17, 2003, GardenArt has established itself as the premier commercial and residential landscaping firm in central Indiana. Creating breathtaking and unique outdoor spaces and structures for both commercial and residential properties is their specialty.

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, GardenArt has embarked on an ambitious project – engaging its clients and the entire community through social media. GardenArt has launched a Facebook page and Twitter account as well as Pinterest boards, blog posts on WordPress, and a Linked In Group and Linked In Company. You can even connect with GardenArt on Houzz.com – and offer a positive review and recommendation, if you choose.

2013-03-18 10th Anniversary Party 025 (2)

GardenArt will continue to celebrate their 10th anniversary by getting more and more involved in the community. In addition to GardenArt’s Adopt-a-Spot and involvement in tree plantings throughout the year, they will become more involved in supporting the community. The best way to stay engaged with GardenArt and to keep up with all of the 10th anniversary excitement is by “Liking” GardenArt on Facebook and “Following” GardenArt on Twitter. If you follow GardenArt through social media you will see many examples of their projects as well as discover what happens behind the scenes. The GardenArt experts will also share tips on keeping your outdoor living spaces alive and vibrant.

At the 10th Anniversary luncheon it was evident that the entire GardenArt team is ready and looking forward to another rewarding season of “Building Customers for Life.”


Sean Sullivan, sean@gardenartlandscapes.com, 765.463.4000

Dan Vawter, dan@gardenartlandscapes.com, 765.463.4000

The easiest way to set up a meeting with Dan and Sean to discuss your vision for improving your outdoor living space is to fill out the simple GardenArt contact form, click HERE. Do it today!

Join GardenArt online and help us make customers for life.


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Case Study – Outdoor Classroom

Cumberland Elementary, West Lafayette School Corporation,  Case Study, Outdoor Classroom, GardenArt

Customer: West Lafayette School Coroporation

Date: Summer, 2003

This project is an excellent illustration of our landscape contracting services and our diverse service offerings. The courtyard was a weedy, over grown mess. The West Lafayette Community School Corporation hired the architecture firm of Durkin, Shoulders, Veasey and Parrot to redesign the courtyard. GardenArt was the successful bidder for the project.

It’s scope included drainage (both flat roofs drain into the area) using a dry creek bed, concrete paver walkways, decomposed granite pathways, geometric raised planters for school projects, a bridge to span the dry creek bed, a water garden, fencing to provide security, the use of outcropping stone to create a small outdoor classroom setting and extensive plantings.

As problems cropped up, we worked with the Landscape Architect of record to develop creative solutions which maintained the spirit of the design while fitting the realities of the site.

This project, relative to conventional classrooms, provides the WLCSC with an excellent value and a unique outdoor learning environment.

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Inspiration from GardenArt

Earth laughs in flowers.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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