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Operation Releaf 2013

GardenArt – Operation Releaf 2013

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In the spring, GardenArt was selected by the City of West Lafayette to coordinate the tree plantings for Operation Releaf 2013. The GardenArt team spent the first part of the summer ordering, delivering, and planting trees in various neighborhoods all around the City of West Lafayette.

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Operation Releaf 2013 is an initiative in the City of West Lafayette that coordinates the planting of trees twice a year to replace trees that have been lost due to old age or damage either by accident or from vandalism. The tree plantings (one each spring and one each fall) are organized by the Greenspace Administrator for the City of West Lafayette with the invaluable assistance from the West Lafayette Tree Fund. The members of the West Lafayette Tree Fund act as liaisons with the homeowners assisting in picking the species of tree and scheduling the tree delivery.

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With the adoption of the original West Lafayette Landscape Ordinance, the West Lafayette Tree Fund was founded and formed in 1981 by a small group of concerned citizen led by the late Helen Lillich. The Tree Fund is supported by private contributions, and its purpose is to plant trees and implement landscaping projects in the public right of way in the City of West Lafayette. In addition to the funds raised by the West Lafayette Tree Fund, the Operation Releaf 2013 budget is augmented by grants from the Department of Natural Resources, EnviroWatts, and Community Development Block Grant. Over 6700 street trees have been planted over the years – lining the public streets, cleaning the air, cooling the neighborhoods, shading the sidewalks, capturing storm water, and beautifying the City.

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GardenArt is proud to be an integral part of such an important and worthwhile project especially since it benefits the community in which they reside. For Operation Releaf 2013, GardenArt planted a total of 87 trees.

GardenArt was also involved in the installation of Helen’s Way in November 2010. Helen’s Way is a cluster of hundreds trees along Kalberer Road in West Lafayette named in honor of the late Helen Lillich – West Lafayette’s self-proclaimed “Tree Lady.” Until her passing in 2010, Helen Lillich dedicated her life to beautifying the city through sheer hard work and determination as a guiding force behind the founding the Tree Fund and the adoption of the original West Lafayette Landscape Ordinance.

To support Operation Releaf, go to the West Lafayette Tree Fund website – click HERE.

To view more photos of GardenArt-Operation Releaf 2013, click HERE.

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